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This website will basically be a "one stop shop" for people wanting to find out more about me as The Citrus Guy. Among other things you will be able to find out where I am going to be lecturing next and how to book a speaking engagement with me.

I am more than just citrus, I am also very versed in camellias, as well as many other aspects of horticulture. All of the pictures on this site are either of my yard, or things that I have grown and showed. Do I know everything about horticulture, ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I never will. If you come across somebody that says they know it all, they are a liar. Please feel free to look around my site, it is very definitely a work in progress and I hope to add many things to it as time goes by, including some of my lectures and writings.

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There is ALWAYS room for ONE MORE PLANT!!

Darren Sheriff

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