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This page will be all of my awards and photos

of my plants, flowers, fruit, etc.

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Darren’s Camellia Awards Won


January 12th, 2013- Litchfield Beach

Novice Award- ‘Buttons n’ Bows’


January 26th, 2013- Charleston Show

Best Local Small Runner Up- ‘Pink Perfection’



January 24th, 2015- Charleston Show

Runner Up Court of Honor- 'Eleanor McCown'


February 14th, 2015-Mid Carolina

Tray of Three, same variety-Min/Sm -'Gay Baby’


February28th, 2015- Wilmington Show

Gold Certificate (unprotected): 17 Blue Ribbons

Tray of Three - Japonica & Non-Retic Hybrid same variety, unprotected: 'Gay Baby'


March 7th, 2015- Fayettville Show

Silver Certificate (unprotected): 24 Blue Ribbons

C. japonica unprotected-Sm: 'Grace Albritton’

Court of Honor- Medium- unprotected-'Fran Mathis Var.'

Court of Honor- Mini- unprotected: 'Spring Awakening'


March 14th, 2015- Raleigh, NC Show

Gold Certificate (unprotected): 25 Blue Ribbons

C. japonica unprotected: Medium RU- 'Tom Knudsen'

                                       Small RU- 'Les Marbury Red'

Best Miniature unprotected-  'Tinsie'

2015 - 57 TOTAL POINTS-  RANK – 32 in Southeast



February 13th, Mid-Carolina Show

Silver Certificate (unprotected): 24 Blue Ribbons

Best Small: 'Little Susie'

Court of Honor: 'Les Marbury Red'


February 27th, Wilmington Show

Gold Certificate (unprotected): 21 Blue Ribbons

Best Miniature - Japonica & Non-Retic Hybrid unprotected: 'Lemon Drop'

Court of Honor White Bloom unprotected: 'Man Size'


March 12th, Charlotte Camellia Show

Best Small: 'Adeyaka'



January 28th, Charleston Show

Best Local Medium Runner Up: 'Eleanor McCown'

Best Local Small: 'Man Size'


February 11th, Mid-Carolina Show

Best Overall Miniature Bloom - Elliott P. Brogden Memorial Trophy 'Gay Baby'

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These are pictures of some of my citrus trees.

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