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A page of where you can find some of my writings and articles


I guess the most logical place to start this page is with my Blog.  

I have been writing it since, January of 2010. It covers many subjects in horticulture, not just Citrus. Please join it and follow me, it is absolutely free, and it not only helps me, but it will help benefit the SC Master Gardener Program.


I have written articles for:

Carolina Gardener Magazine

The South Carolina Gardener

National Home Gardening Magazine

Tri-County Master Gardener Newsletter

Planting Seeds in SC- Check out their link HERE

Coastal Carolina Camellia Society Newsletter (Current Editor-2015)

Lowcountry Fruit Growers Society Newsletter (Current Editor-2015)

Contributing writer Hidden Ponds Nursery Newsletter-2015

The American Camellia Societies Camellia Journal

And recently, I was asked to write for PlantersPlace.Com

                       Please come by and check it out!


I am currently working on a book about growing food in containers. This one will be aimed at folks living in apartments, or have a very small yard. I hope to have it out soon.



My Lecture Schedule

I found two of my TV appearances on Lowcountry Live.

The first one is from my interview about the 2014 Camellia Society Flower Show. You can see it here:

The second is from my interview about the 2014 Fruitmania event that the Lowcountry Fruit Growers put on. That one can be seen here: 

I was featured in the Charleston City Newspaper. Pretty good article and pictures from my yard. Check it out here: 

I was honored and humbled to be a guest blogger on the "Gardening Know How" site. If you want to see their site and read my article, click HERE


This is the link to download my appearance on the TV Show "Making It Grow" from 2011.

Pretty big file, it might take a few minutes to download.